A Moment in Time Captured in an Oil Painting

Oil Portrait painted by GuaranteedPortraits.comDigital imaging and digital photography have brought great things both to the art world and to the end consumer. Most artists don’t know what they would do without their digital camera anymore. It has become an essential tool and an art form in itself.

But the question is; are we losing an essential part of ourselves when we replace one art form with another?

What happened to the romantic period? What happened to the times when the gift or the painting of a family portrait was absolutely essential? Today our desks, our living room, bedroom and even the bathroom is full of family pictures, but can most of us say that we have a real oil painting, or an oil portrait of the people we care about.

Can a photograph really replace the pleasure, the artistic talent and the emotions we perceive through an oil portrait or even any oil painting? When was the last time someone walked through your home and found themselves utterly captivated by a family photograph? That’s not to say that there aren’t some absolutely fabulous photographers that take their art to another level. But the truth is most family photographs cannot capture the essence of a person the way an oil painting can.

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