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Renoir’s painting - Springtime (in Chatou)Paintings give an insight into the artists’ character and thoughts. Some creators are inspired by beauty of wilderness, others by splendour, an abundance of colours, or by stark reality of pain, hunger and misery. Whatever the artists inspiration to create his paintings he finally gives something to the audience that holds them spell bound by what they see on the canvas.

An artist has a visualisation that is like a third eye for him that gives an ingenious depiction of what he perceives and this is what he portrays to the observer by way of his creativity. Landscaping paintings which might be of astonishing locations or harsh reality come alive with the artists view of what lies before him. It is the artist’s perception that he lays before the observer. The viewer is transported into a dream world where he can loose himself to his fantasies and forget about his own humble dwellings. He travels on wings to distant lands and places of untold beauty and with a little imagination can weave a tale of visions and be in a trance until he awakens when he wishes to awaken and not before that.

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