Abstract Expressionism

Jane Frank Crags and Crevices - Abstract Expressionism

Born out of the Expressionist movement, Abstract Expressionism was considered to be a specifically American, post-World War II artistic movement.  It was the first American art movement which gained a worldwide significance and it transformed New York City into the art capital of the world, taking the title from Paris.  This art movement is derived from the emotional intensity of the traditional Expressionists while drawing from the anti-figurative ideals of abstract schools like Futurism and Cubism.  The movement is felt by many to be rebellious and anarchic; even nihilistic.  Owing to this fact, many critics of Abstract Expressionism have been absolutely polarized.  Some critics treat the art form as not worth their time while others feel that it has been a great contribution to the art world, the epitome of aesthetic value.

Perhaps one of the most famous Abstract Expressionist painters was Jackson Pollock.  His paintings, including the famous No. 5, are recognized all over the world.  Other famous artists include Jane Frank, Franz Kline, and Barnett Newman.  All of these artists have made great contributions to the Abstract Expressionist movement, helping to expand the visual and the philosophical implications that the art form presents.  It believes that any work of art which challenges the viewer is a strong piece and Abstract Expressionists seek to do this in every work they display.

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