An artists envision

Paseo a Orillas del Mar by Sorolla

An artist’s envision is his dream which he turns into reality with his creations. It does not take the forms and sights to inspire people, each one is attuned to different forms of stimulation. The frequencies of the minds differ and it takes the right frequency to egg an artist on to produce his piece of art.

Likewise every ordinary being cannot appreciate all forms of art. Some may find an abstract painting beautiful and meaningful where as another may be exhilarated and mesmerised with a Sorolla painting.

Creativity and inspiration are individualistic and what inspires one may leave another with no stimulation whatsoever. Be it a music composer or a choreographer, inspiration has to strike the artist for him to deliver the goods. As Lou Dorfsman says ‘Creativity is essentially a lonely art. An even lonelier struggle. To some a blessing. To others a curse. It is in reality the ability to reach inside yourself and drag forth from your very soul an idea.’

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