Anthropormorphic characters in Art / What are They?

William Blake, “Nebukadnezar” (1795)Anthropomorphic art is art where non human objects, deities or creatures are given human qualities. This type of art has been around for a long time. Even biblical scenes have taken on anthropormorphic characters, in paintings of scenes like Adam and Eve and the fall from grace. Greek mythology uses anthropormorphic characters when they portray the gods as humans with powers. Even the any hybrids like the sphinx, the centaurs and the mermaids have been around in the art world for thousands of years.


Why Anthropormorphic Creatures?

Man has always had a penchant for the unknown and drawing or creating non existent creatures allows our mind to fly with ideas. We enjoy telling tales of wild beasts, or super humans, or the greatest villains to roam the earth, and we use these created creatures to illustrate our stories.

Todays Digital Art

Because the new computer technology allows artists to manipulate images anyway they see fit, many digital artists use anthropormorphic figures in their digital art. There is some debate as to whether this type of art takes on other connotations and becomes more adult in nature, but no one can really answer that and say that all anthropormorphic art is adult in nature, in fact the only person that can answer that question is the artist himself.


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