Art and Science go Hand in Hand

Leonardo Da Vinci - Scientific DrawingArt and science have gone hand in hand as far back as man began creating with both his mind and his hand. Together these two fields have walked the path of knowledge and enlightenment. Throughout history many artists were scientists and many scientists artists. Among the most famous of these was Da Vinci. A man born in 1452 and considered an artist, an engineer, an architect, an astronomer, a mathematician, and a geologist. He is famous for works like the Mona Lisa, and the last supper.

But he is also known for being an airplane inventor. He worked with the military in designs for tanks and submarines, and machines that were long before his time. He was known for his scientific drawings of the human muscle groups and bone structures. He is also known to have discovered how fossils form.

Other artists who were also scientists were Sir Francis Bacon, MC Escher, and others have come and gone.

Recently there has been a great division between art and science, and it may be because of societies dictates or because both fields have become so extensive.

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