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Photo Clouds ReflectedDo art and science go together? Most will say “NO” that the two are different worlds, but lets consider the art of photography. Would photography exist without science? Could professional photographers be as creative if they had no knowledge of the physics involved in photography? The answer to these questions is “NO”

Photography is not just an art form, it is also a science. Most photographers don’t just take a pretty picture and it is as simple as that, in fact, most photography is based on scientific knowledge.  Photography could not exist without the sciences of chemistry and physics.

In order for a photographer to be a master at his art he must know the mechanics of the camera and how light and dynamics affect the photograph. He should also know what chemicals work in the development of the photograph. In fact science affects most aspects of the photographic process.

Professional photographers know about composition, how light affects a subject, the speed and aperture of the lens that is needed to take the right photograph, and the film speed that is needed in certain shots. All of these are scientific elements, and every photographer that is worth his salt as an artist must also be well versed in the science of his art form.

Photo: Cloud Appreciation Society

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