The Art Critic

Abstract Expressionism - Shimmering Substance by Jackson PollockWhat is an art critic? An art critic is a person, who with certain art education discusses and evaluates visual arts, and decides on whether it is unique and good or whether it is terrible.

Who decides on whether an art work is good or not? This is usually the job of the visual art critic and art critics will evaluate a piece according to the aesthetical theory of beauty, but because the arts have become so vast there has also been a need to divide art criticism into several different disciplines, each with its own set of rules. Most art criticism can be divided into two categories, that of historical criticism and contemporary criticism which is the critiquing of work done by living artists.

Critics do not always know what they are doing and much of their critiques are changed, or opinions of them are formed over time. For instance, art that was once venerated by the critic, were later found to be ridiculous, or found to be lacking in creativity, theory, and style. And the same holds true for pieces that were once derided, later to be venerated (as in the work of the impressionists).

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