The Art of Giving Art

There is no better gift than that of Art, and even other artists feel touched when they are given pieces by other artists, because they know, and understand the importance of giving of one’s artwork. Some work moves and inspires other artists that it makes them create and show what they have in their inner being through their art.

As in this story I found on a site where an artist sold an art piece to another artist, only this artist worked in textile material. Later in the year the textile artist gave the painter a gift, and it was the painted image worked in a quilt, which is another art form.

Only a true artist can fully understand the true meaning of what it is to give art away as an artist. It is a true gift of the heart, and a piece of the inner soul, and most artists give the gift with trepidation, worrying about whether the other artist will like it, and that is a part of what makes the gift so special.

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