Art inspires change

Picasso - Guernica.  “Painting depicting the horrors of Spanish Civil War”

As Thoreau put it so well “The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” Today it seems that all contemporary art, portrays the world we live in, and say something about the state of being. If we pay close attention to these art pieces, it would seem that the future of mankind is bleak.

The art of today depicts the horrors of war, of hunger of poverty, of mans disparity toward each other. What is the purpose of such art, one might ask? The purpose of the artist in showing us this despair and negativity is to provoke a reaction from society, a reaction to change the world around them, to make things better. The purpose of this art is to show us how beautiful the world is and how we manage to destroy it. It is a way of inspiring us to bring about change.

In essence art is not made just to imitate life, inspire hope, or to show beauty, although it can certainly do this too. But art is also made to inspire change, give us a glimpse of what our future might be, and warn us of things to come.

Art of every type is made to inspire, give hope and remind us in the beauty that can be and that is in all things.

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