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Pierre-Auguste Renoir - The Boating Party LunchArt appreciation may result from different art influences, popularity, and exposure to different types of art, the need to follow a fad or a style, cultural decisions and many other factors. But for a few the appreciation of art is because of a need to discover, see, and admire a certain quality of an art form. Some have a strong sense of like and dislike which guides them in choosing the right art form for them, and don’t worry about what others think.

This need or like for a certain art form does not have anything to do with the educational knowledge of a certain art form. These likes and dislikes then are not defined by any certain style or category. These likes are defined more by certain characteristics of an art form. They may like certain things from a certain style and other things from another.

In truth most art collectors appreciate art in this way, so the theory of greatness or liking in art is very subjective and not at all exact. The criteria that defines what an individual likes or dislikes in art is varied, and unique to that individual.

True the market usually decides on what is great or the greatest art, and public opinion is molded accordingly, but each individuals taste is much more intrinsic and what might be considered great art by one collector, will not necessarily be seen the same way by another. That is why art experts always recommend that people that want to start collecting should collect works they admire and like, and not those governed by market values.

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