Art is Creation

Art is Creation - Sistine Chapel

Art is more godlike than science. Science discovers: art creates – John Opie

Creativity is one of the most important parts that makes an artist.  Without the act of creation, no artist exists.  Taking an idea that they have, whether it be an entertaining story or a commentary on the society around them, an artist has something to say.  However, without the creative process, the artist would not have any way to express these ideas.  The entire beauty of art comes from the artist making something new to show the world, using this as a way to express their innermost thoughts and desires to the world.

The act of creation is what gives artists a special power.  They are allowed to make statements about things which they have come to recognize and they accomplish this by giving the world something new to ponder.  There is an unending amount of beauty in this world and it is the responsibility of the artist to effectively capture and display this beauty to the world.  Only artists have the ability to create this beauty.  Using all the powers of their imagination and talent, they can give the world a gift that never would have existed without the influence of that artist.  Therefore, their act of creation leaves a mark of beauty on the world that can never be taken away.

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