Art Teaches Children Critical Skills

The art classroom is a great place for children to learn a number of skills which will benefit them greatly in their later lives.  Many people will automatically dismiss art class as a place not worth a serious effort because all that kids do is enter the art room and have fun, so they surely must not be learning anything important.  This is far from the truth, however.  Just because the children are having fun, it does not mean that they are not learning anything.  On the contrary, because of the level of fun, the children are perhaps learning even more than they would in another subject.

Art classrooms teach children many skills which traditional classroom settings do not.  Children learn how to tap into their creative side to make something without judging the outcome before it happens.  They learn coordination and motor skills, making their hands reproduce either what their eyes see or their mind envisions.  They learn the satisfaction of completing a job in a satisfying way, as well as taking the initiative to finish that project.  This is a huge benefit in today’s world, the work ethic that many people lack.

Children will also learn the important skills of learning to critique projects.  They can analyze something they are presented with and through that, they will learn how to look at the good and bad aspects of any work.  This teaches children the important skills of analysis which will come into play for the rest of their lives.  Art can bring all of these skills to children and these are important cognitive skills for success in one’s entire life.

Photo: Courtesy of Beija Flor

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