Art Therapy for Children

Children often do not have the words to be able to define some of the feelings and even trauma that they might be going through.  They do not have the vocabulary to articulate feelings that they might be having.  Yet, this does not stop those children from feeling those emotions.  Not being able to express these emotions can lead to various problems for the children as they grow and the need to express these feelings can manifest themselves in potentially harmful ways.  Teaching these children to express themselves through art could end up being a great way for them to not only explore their creative individuality, but to express these potentially traumatic emotions as well.

Art can be a good indicator of what a child is actually feeling in their life as well.  If they choose to make paintings and drawings of scary events and images, it is often a way to express fears that they have and feel.  It is a way for them to explore this scary event in a safe way.  By the same pattern, drawing images of happy images that they like can help to indicate some of the safe emotions and areas of their life which they might feel comfort with.  This art can be a great indicator of not only what the child is feeling, but of things which the child might want to express but not know how.

Photo: Courtesy of Beija Flor

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