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Inspiration From Algorithms- Joshua Davis

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Joshua Davis - BMW Z4 Coupe

BMW recently commissioned Joshua Davis to portray his impression of the Z4 Coupe.  It turns out that Joshua Davis, a renowned commercial and fine artist, is working in algorithmic graphic design, which is a program that uses mathematical algorithms to reconstruct an image. The above image is what he came up with for his impression of the Z4 Coupe.  Many have commented that they just cannot see the relationship between this piece of work and the car.

But if you look closely you can see how the mathematical precision does give you the impression of what a car is like. It really depends on each person and whether he can see the resemblance, but the truth is that the new use of such algorithms are interesting, and the way an image can be reconstructed and turned into a piece of expensive art work is also interesting.

Art is in the eyes of the maker and the eyes of the beholder. It really depends on the artist, what he wants to portray and what you see as the viewer. One thing is for sure, anyone who is into computer graphics will understand the difficulty in creating an image with 120, 000 layers and 50,000 vectors.

Photography in advertising

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Photo advertisementTalent in photography is also seen in advertisements. The pictures are perfect with the model or product looking more appealing than maybe their original form. The photographer’s talent and creativity come to the fore in portraying the product in the most attractive way. It is the photographer’s talent and his perception that creates this vision for the observer to be taken up with and this sells the product more than anything else.

Whatever the method of creating a beautiful picture it is the artists and photographers work that makes it happen.

Photography – profiles

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Penelope Cruz“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” is very true to the profiles that are required by upcoming models and actors. To get noticed by agents, advertisers, producers and movie makers the first attraction would be the visual impact. What you look like in the photos is what the photographer makes of the portraits. With technical gizmos and digital photography he can work wonders on the original package and present a flawless one to the viewer. Skin, figure, and attitude come alive with beauty and aplomb on the celluloid. This gives the job producer confidence in his protégée at least where the appearance is concerned.

Food as a center point in Pop Art

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

Coca Cola bottle by Warhol (Pop Art)Most pop artists use modern day images, instances and people as their sources of inspiration. These then get re-interpreted as other forms in a pop art painting. What’s interesting is that in the later years, the work initiated by these painters were widely used in the advertising and marketing industry. For example, the coca cola bottle shape is still a mark of sensuality and represents a world of escapism and fantasy.

As far as the pop art scene in America goes, food seems to have been given a central importance. It represents a major outlet for spending income, while also doubling as a leisure and fun time activity. Thus, the emphasis on bottle feeding as opposed to breast feeding in America! From French fries, to burgers, cakes and beer – food has remained an all time favorite inspiration with American pop culture portrait artists.


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