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The Influence of Primitive Art

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

llustration, and especially referring to the world of computer illustration, has brought aspects of many different styles back to life, including that of primitive art. Many computer illustrators use a lot of principles from primitive, or folk art. Primitive art, or naïve art is best known for its bright colors, and simplicity, almost as if a child had done it. The form is known for its two dimensional drawings, no single principle of composition, and usually colors are placed simply as they come with little or no shading.  Most primitive art is done by artists that had little or no art training.

It is contrary to every principle in the art world, and yet many of today’s artists are relying on some of the principles of naïve art. For instance in naïve art color is not shaded or used in hues, it’s generally applied directly without much mixture.  It is known for it’s almost stick like figures and strong colors. It is so different and much simpler than regular art that, many artists have taken qualities from this charming art and integrated it into their work as you can tell by the work of Emila Yusof.

What is Digital Art?

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

What is Digital ArtToday there is actually more than one category in the digital art field, digital photography, digital painting, and darkroom effects. Of course many digital artists combine several digital categories when creating their digital art.

In digital photography the artist uses a digital camera and then uses image editing software to create special effects or manipulate their images.

In digital painting, the artist has even more freedom and combines images and a lot of manipulation and color to create his image. Here the artist usually creates his artwork totally on the computer using painting software.

3D art work – this type of work is usually done using programs that give the image a three dimensional look

These are the basics to digital art but there are many sub categories to this type of art. Because this is a relatively new medium, there are many areas to grow in and the field is still implementing and taking on new techniques. This is a truly unusual and beautiful art style.

Photo: Platinum Image Conception Studio


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