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Creativity for modern artists

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Picasso - Girl in front of a mirrorMany modern artists use their subjects and paintings to depict society’s relevant concepts. So let’s say the subject is a woman looking at herself in a mirror. The artist could envision the concept of self-image. This could be represented by a woman looking at herself at the mirror and seeing (reflected) a different person from what the observer sees. This would illustrate that we see ourselves different from what the rest see us. Whatever the ultimate framework, modern paintings serve to depict socially relevant concepts.

As a sharp contrast many traditional artists chose to rely on sublime expressions, feelings and emotions as their basis for inspiration. So if the subject is a woman smiling, the artist could also convey sadness in her eyes, restlessness by way her hands are placed on her lap etc.

An artists envision

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Paseo a Orillas del Mar by Sorolla

An artist’s envision is his dream which he turns into reality with his creations. It does not take the forms and sights to inspire people, each one is attuned to different forms of stimulation. The frequencies of the minds differ and it takes the right frequency to egg an artist on to produce his piece of art.

Likewise every ordinary being cannot appreciate all forms of art. Some may find an abstract painting beautiful and meaningful where as another may be exhilarated and mesmerised with a Sorolla painting.

Creativity and inspiration are individualistic and what inspires one may leave another with no stimulation whatsoever. Be it a music composer or a choreographer, inspiration has to strike the artist for him to deliver the goods. As Lou Dorfsman says ‘Creativity is essentially a lonely art. An even lonelier struggle. To some a blessing. To others a curse. It is in reality the ability to reach inside yourself and drag forth from your very soul an idea.’

Creativity and Inspiration for an artist

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

Dali - A creative mindAn artist’s creativity and inspiration begins with his own envision. It is the individual’s unique perception that forms his view and how he gets inspired. Each artist’s creativity will be fanned in different ways. Inspiration and creativity go side by side in artistically inclined persons and there is no definite situation that will ignite this surge suddenly.

This also depends largely on the type of art that the artist is inclined to. If he is a landscape artist, the outdoors will inspire him, but if he is a portrait or still life painter he will get stirred with different objects. There is a mindset involved in the painters thoughts which gives motivation to what attracts him.

Dull days for creativity

Every artist will have dull days when he is not inspired to do or start a new work of art or even to work on one that he has already started. This is a burn out of his energy and he would have to reenergise himself before commencing his painting once more.

Inspiration – A peep into the artists mind

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Renoir’s painting - Springtime (in Chatou)Paintings give an insight into the artists’ character and thoughts. Some creators are inspired by beauty of wilderness, others by splendour, an abundance of colours, or by stark reality of pain, hunger and misery. Whatever the artists inspiration to create his paintings he finally gives something to the audience that holds them spell bound by what they see on the canvas.

An artist has a visualisation that is like a third eye for him that gives an ingenious depiction of what he perceives and this is what he portrays to the observer by way of his creativity. Landscaping paintings which might be of astonishing locations or harsh reality come alive with the artists view of what lies before him. It is the artist’s perception that he lays before the observer. The viewer is transported into a dream world where he can loose himself to his fantasies and forget about his own humble dwellings. He travels on wings to distant lands and places of untold beauty and with a little imagination can weave a tale of visions and be in a trance until he awakens when he wishes to awaken and not before that.

The thought behind the picture

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

Ever wondered why a simple flower can set the mood and tone for an entire painting? All famous and no so famous artists have employed the usage of everyday objects as sources of their inspiration and concept behind the artwork.

Dali Rose MeditativeThere is lot of things an artist will envision while looking at a subject before drawing it. The final outcome of the painting will depend a lot on the style of the painting as well as the subject of choice. The art needs to highlight the positive aspects and characteristics of the subject, even if it is an inanimate object like a book or a flower. Thus if an artists sees the colors of the rainbow in the petals of a rose, he will need to portray his creativity in such a way as to go beyond the defined forms of the flower. Thus the final painting will depict much more than the natural form of the flower. That is, it will not only show the petals, leaves and thorns but a finer depth and character of the flower which could portray a deep emotion or a feeling through the painting.

Envision the image

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Stairway to heavenBefore the artist sets out to actually create the image on canvas, it is necessary to create a mental framework or picture of the subject. So let’s say the subject is a staircase. In the eyes of an artist the staircase could represent the labyrinth of thoughts, which keep winding through the mind in and out. Now how does he represent this concept through imagery? Artists use various props and ideas to create the central essence and theme of the picture. So maybe the staircase could be winding with no definite end in sight, or could be a staircase in the shape of infinity – which is symbolic of the never-ending thought process of the mind. Whatever the concept, the art needs to depict it through definite frameworks and imagery – which is called envision.


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