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Expressions of Humanity

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Casey Toussaint - PortraitA saying I once read … that made me ponder as to what humanity is… was written by Margaret Laurence. She said:

Know that although in the eternal scheme of things you are small, you are also unique and irreplaceable, as are all your fellow humans everywhere in the world.”

I believe that no one understands that saying better than an artist, that may be why so many artists are drawn to portrait, and figure work.

Most artists are fascinated by people, their expressions, their life, their lifestyle, and even the way people play, work and yes… even sleep. Its as if the artist himself, stands outside of the ongoings of humanity and looks in, as if he were looking at humanity through a looking glass or a window, what he sees can be fascinating, and alluring, drawing our attention away from ourselves and into what he sees. An artist can see sorrow, joy, hope and despair, where others note nothing amiss, and nothing different from any other person. As in the work of Casey Toussaint who gets her inspiration from train rides, people walking down the street or just by sitting in a quiet spot and pondering and looking at people and their expressions

It is an artist’s hand, that when taken to paper, can transpose these images, and let the rest of humanity see what he or she sees. An artist can find inspiration in other people’s faces and expressions, even while sleeping, dreaming or off in wandering thoughts. It is an artist’s ability to transcribe these feelings and show us the value of our own humanity, our own frailty, and our own emotions.

Beauty is Present Everywhere

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Never was a quote so true as that expressed by Emil Carlsen, who said

“Beauty is ever present like the light of the sun- even in the most humble object, only it takes an artist’s vision to detect it and a artists skill to reproduce it.”

An artist can see beauty in things that you and I would never even imagine. If fact, an object that we may even consider ugly, dilapidated, worn down and an utter sore on the eyes, an artists will see it in another light, and use his creativity to make that ugly thing into something very attractive.

Some artists choose to paint things that we throw away like cans, bottles, old worn clothes and shoes, or even as in the case of Joan DaGradi old houses”. This painter adds inspiration, quaintness, and beauty to old dilapidated houses that are boarded up and ready to be torn down. But when you look at her paintings, you don’t see an old dilapidated house that is ready to be destroyed, you see an old house full of charm, one where a family was living, and one that is a part of the history of the artists’ community.


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