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Roman Art - Inspiration from Museums

When talking about what inspires artists, we realize that many have taken their inspiration from previous periods, but, which period influences them all? I was recently able to visit the Roman exhibit that is traveling throughout the United States from the Louvre. As I walked through the exhibit rooms and was awed by such impressive and monumental work, I finally understood why artists from all eras have been influenced by these great works.

If you look at work done during the Renaissance, the Baroque period, the Neoclassical period, the Victorian age, you realized that they have all been influenced by this one great era, the Roman era.

So then the question arises where did the Romans get this great interest or this great artistic influence from? We know that they were fascinated with the human body and worked to portray it with such infinite precision. We know that they studied muscle and bone groups and then used them in art, but where did they get their inspiration to portray such knowledge with such beauty? This may be something we never know.

What I do know is that I walked out of this exhibit with thousands of ideas rolling around in my head. I was truly inspired by the work of these unknown artists and I can truly see why so many artists are influenced by the Classical Roman style. If you have a chance to get to this exhibit, it is truly one you don’t want to miss.

Photo: ArtCulture

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