Automatism – Abstract Surrealism

Surrealism Automatism Joan Miro - The Swallow of LoveAutomatism is an abstract artistic form greatly influenced by Carl Jung & Sigmund Freud. Carl Jung did not judge the images of the sub-conscious. He simply accepted them into the consciousness so that they could be analyzed. This he termed as automatism.

Artists interpreted this as referring to a suppression of the consciousness in favor of the subconscious. The automatists, who are more focused on feelings and less analytical, understood automatism to be the automatic way in which the images of the subconscious reach the conscience. They thought these images should not be burdened with meaning, so they represented them in an abstract form.

This interpretation had made the automatist see the academic discipline of art as intolerant of the free expression of feeling. They thought that abstractionism is the only way to bring the images of the subconscious to life. Automatism could be best defined as “abstract”.

Artists in this movement believed that automatism was a better way to tackle societal change than the Dada movements attack on prevailing values. The most important painters of abstract Surrealism were Joan Miro and Andre Masson.

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