Marie-Guillermine Benoist – Feminist Art

Marie-Guillemine Benoist - Self Portrait

Many people believe that all the arts revolved around male artists but in actuality there were many renown artists throughout history, Even some that inspired political change, such as Marie-Guillemine Benoist. She was a Parisienne born to a civil servant and taught by Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun.

This painter was a true feminist and portrayed her beliefs through her work. One of her paintings ¨L’Innocence entre la vertu et le vice¨  shows her mythological abilities but in it she portrayes vice as a man, and traditionally it had always been represented by a woman.

Another very famous painting of hers was “Portrait d’une Negresse” which became a symbol of women’s rights and black peoples freedom. This painting was done just six years after slavery had been abolished in France and was acquired by Louis the XVIII.

Her work was commissioned by many notable people including Napoleon Bonaparte and was even awarded the cogl medal in the Salon of 1804.

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