Best paintings of the Rococo

The Swing by Jean Honore FrangonardRococo began in the 17th century and found its height in the 18th century. It is characterized by its light airy and feminine lines. The style was known for its arabesque forms, shells, elaborate curves and asymmetric composition.

Among the most influential & representative paintings of the Rococo was the Swing by Jean Honore Frangonard which is a good example of the frivolity, eroticism and gallantry of the paintings of the time. In this painting, aristocrats are shown interested only in pleasurable pursuits and completely unaware of the social problems of the times, which would later give rise to the French Revolution. The painting shows intricate detail & ornamentation as was quite common to the Rococo period.

Other representative paintings of the Rococo were Watteau’s, Pilgrimage to Cythera. The painting represents a group of happy go lucky people starting a pilgrimage to Cythera (the city were Venus was born) in search of love. Watteau’s style mixed a lot of reality & fantasy in his work. Reality was represented in the form of the aristocratic outings of the time, like that of going on picnics, hunts, or even boat rides. The fantasy is represented by the inclusion of the mythological elements.

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