The Best Romantic Painters: Delacroix, Goya & Turner

Eugene Delacroix - Death of SardanapalusRomanticism accented on the importance of feelings, imagination, self-expression, spontaneity, and imagination, mystical, beautiful, exotic, and individual creativity. Some artists painted what came natural to them in many subjects such as nature, scenery, passions and inner struggles, heroes, and violence, battles whatever inspired them to paint.

Eugene Delacroix was a true Romantic artist, with his exotic subjects, vibrant colors, and emotions that he truly defined Romanticism through his paintings. His bright and beautiful colors inspired artists around him and still amaze people who look at his work today. He illustrates swirling emotions in his works such as death, agony, love, life or battle.

One of his famous paintings, Death of Sardanapalus, was an oil painting he completed in 1826. His subject was taken from literature from the poet Lord Byron that he admired greatly. His work showed a burst of emotion in the dying and agonizing figures he portrayed. Through its violence and color, the painting excites people’s emotions and fantasies when they look at it. Delacroix’s work inspired many artists of different art movements but he was essentially known as a painter of the Romantic style. Delacroix also experimented with new color theories and free brushwork.

Francisco Goya painted in different styles, although some of his most important works are considered great examples of the Romantic period. After a severe illness in 1793, he became especially imaginative in his paintings. He started to paint and reflect the historical reality of his times, particularly the Spanish War of Independence. His paintings are full of obscure images and change of tonalities expressing great drama. He portrayed the horrors of the war, through images full of suffering; pain and death, were the victims were always common people.

Other great portrait artist was J.M.W. Turner and he was best known for the painting of beautiful romantic landscapes.

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