Black and White is More Emotional

Rodney Smith - Black and White PhotographWhen you go into a museum or when you go to a photography show, which photos draw your attention? It’s usually the black and white photos that interest you more and a lot of photographers prefer to work in black and white film.

Have you ever wondered why photographers work in Black and White? The truth is that once they have finished with their magic and have used the right lighting, the right editing and photo enhancement techniques, black and white photos tend to stand out more, be more defined, sharper and in some ways define the artists feelings better than color images. Black and white photos seem to make angles starker and define contrasts better. Lets take the work of Rodney Smith. This photographer, does many photos in black and white . If you look at his work, you will notice that it is much more arresting than when photographers take the same type of image in color.

What is the reason for this? It’s hard to say why black and white takes seem more interesting than color images. It may have to do with the way light is reflected better in black and white or it may have to do with the artist’s creativity.

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