Child Art

Child\'s Art at 3From a very early age, people have the potential to be artists.  The first time a child picks up a crayon and scribbles to the last thing a person will sketch in their life, they are producing art.  Granted, much of this art isn’t coherent until a certain age, when the artist gains some perspective and is able to draw images which are recognizable to the viewer.  Still, from a very early age, children are capable of producing art and should be given the opportunity to experiment with color and shape differentiation.

Child art, in particular, is the name which is given to the art produced by children less than 12 years in age.  The traditional journey of child art goes through a few stages.  The child will generally begin with scribbling, during which they can learn about the differences in colors.  Scribbling will slowly give way to a more controlled form, which is more interested in making basic shapes and patterns.  This, in turn, starts to become more representative.  Children will often attempt to draw people, which are usually not much more than a face with arms and legs coming out of it.  The attempt to represent is an important step, however.

Children will often enter a symbolic stage, where they begin to build a vocabulary of images.  These images will often all look similar to each other, but they begin to take certain defining characteristics.  Space is introduced into the photos, giving a backdrop to the pictures which are drawn.  These photos eventually give way into more realistic depictions, as children become aware of the storytelling possibilities available through pictures.  This evolution of child art shows all of the different ways in which children will learn to develop their skills.

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