Children Express their Feelings through Art

Adults have learned over the course of time that using art to express some of the inner most feelings that they have trouble expressing to the world can be a very therapeutic experience.  Most of these adults, though, have the ability to find the words to explain the works of art that they express.  They can understand what they are going through on the inside and, even if it is very hard for them, can usually find the means to talk about it.  What happens to those who don’t have the words to express some of these inner feelings?  Children can go through terrible trauma just as much as adults and leaving these feelings to persist on the inside can seriously hurt a child.

This is how painting can help children express some of their inner feelings, whether it is joy or pain.  Drawing or painting a picture to represent how they feel can often allow these children to be able to release a lot of the inner emotion that they feel.  Expressing these feelings can be a very important thing for repressing these emotions can lead to future complexes which can potentially make life very hard for these children.  Therefore, teaching and encouraging these children to express themselves through their painting can lead to a healthy lifestyle for them.

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