Choose Complementing Paintings

Complementary paintingsThe first thing you will want to think about is decorating with complementary paintings; the paintings should complement the room, and your personality. The painting should also complement each other. Even if your paintings don’t all share the same artist, they must match each other in style and color, as well as share the color scheme of the room. For instance, you will want to use painting that are all landscapes, or all abstract, and each should share the same colors and tones or they should at least complement each other. It is important to follow this rule, as all of the paintings in the room should look like they each belong together. Another consideration is to have each picture in the room tell the same story. No matter how abstract your paintings may be, they should still tell the same story and they should complement each other in the process.

Everything in the room should match the painting in some way, so you should buy your furniture and the rest of the decorations you need in the living area, then match the painting to them. This is the easiest way to make sure that everything in the room compliments the furnishings and the accents of the room. If the room is muted pastels you painting should be muted colors as well. If your room has bright vibrant colors you will want to complement the colors of the room, muted colors in this room would be ineffective and unattractive. Stick with you color scheme.

Photo: Reixirvim

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