Civilization and Art

Art will spring up in any culture and the society which represses those artists is not a stable one.  It is through those works of art that a society is able to accurately determine the state of its citizens and have a view of themselves.  Art will naturally grow anywhere as at least some people tend to have a creative impulse that they cannot ignore.  However, this creative impulse will lend itself toward a great peace.  A flourishing creative side will inspire people to create great works and while they are creating these great works, many things will happen.  First, they will be so busy creating that they will often not have the time to devote to more harmful projects.  Second, out of a love of creation, artists will tend to be more open and accepting to the works of others, knowing how an artist pours themselves into their work.  This tends to promote a great sense of peace between many creative individuals.

This is a skill which is important to instill into children.  Children are the most impressionable group on this world and often, what humans learn as children will stick with them for the rest of their lives.  If children are pushed toward more open, peaceful, and creative impulses, the society itself will be steered toward a more loving direction.  This is why any healthy, peaceful society will be laden with art.  Terry Semel, the former chairman of Warner Brothers once stated that, “Art is central to a civilized society.  Kids who create don’t destroy.”  That is an important concept to keep in mind.

Photo: Courtsesy of Krcla

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