Collecting Art

Today Art collecting has become very popular, but do people know what they are doing when they are collecting art? Most people have no idea how to start collecting art, and usually start by buying something someone recommended, whether they like it or not. Some art critics and artists have started teaching others the Art of collecting. The objective of these classes is to really have people understand what art is, but to “THEM” and not what art they should collect because society tells them to collect that particular style, Artist, or type of art.

As many critics and artists will tell you, the most frequent question they get is “How to become a collector?” the truth is, that you can’t just start buying paintings from famous painters and consider yourself a collector. People begin collecting art for many different reasons, and some do it without even realizing that they are collecting, but the first thing you should do is just “Relax” stand back, and let yourself observe art, when you have observed it enough you will understand, “how to become a collector?” No one expresses this idea better than Edward Goldman who makes his way among the art and artists.

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