Creativity and Inspiration for an artist

Dali - A creative mindAn artist’s creativity and inspiration begins with his own envision. It is the individual’s unique perception that forms his view and how he gets inspired. Each artist’s creativity will be fanned in different ways. Inspiration and creativity go side by side in artistically inclined persons and there is no definite situation that will ignite this surge suddenly.

This also depends largely on the type of art that the artist is inclined to. If he is a landscape artist, the outdoors will inspire him, but if he is a portrait or still life painter he will get stirred with different objects. There is a mindset involved in the painters thoughts which gives motivation to what attracts him.

Dull days for creativity

Every artist will have dull days when he is not inspired to do or start a new work of art or even to work on one that he has already started. This is a burn out of his energy and he would have to reenergise himself before commencing his painting once more.

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