Decorating a Room with Paintings


Decorating a Room with PaintingsRooms in your home should be places where you can go to really enjoy yourself, and to relax. The decorations that you have in each room of your house should be decorations that complement you, and complement the room as well. Decorating a room with paintings is an interesting venture, and well worth the time that it takes to do. You will want to take into consideration what is important to you. It is important to know what stirs your soul when you walk into the room. There are many things you should keep in mind when deciding to decorate a room with paintings that will match the rhythm and the color of the room. What is melancholy may be uplifting and inspire someone else; your room should inspire you. The use of shadow, technique, shape, color and lighting should make the room stand out and get some ones attention while maintaining the overall feel of the room. Don’t worry about if everyone doesn’t get your concepts, you know that art is completely open to your own interpretation, no other person will see what you see in your paintings the same way you do. Decorating with paintings should reflect your interpretations, and the way it makes you feel when you walk into the room.


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