The Difference between Art and Graphic Design

Graphic Design ArtistMany people believe that designers are artists and artists are designers and in many instances they are, but design has a more commercial connotation to it. It is more calculated and defined process, much the way an engineer plans a project, but instead of using building plans, the designer focuses on color and style, but must pay close attention to function as well.

Art on the other hand is freer. An artist can convey a message or an emotion but does not have to follow any set rules to do it. He may use a combination of rules, or certain art elements, but he conveys it however he wishes to. The artist can express himself using any color combination he wants, or any medium he wants.

An artist does not need to explain why he chose certain colors or why he chose a certain method to convey a certain emotion.

Of course there are graphic designer who are artists, and artists who are designers and both rules and aspects begin to intermingle, but this is what makes up art.

Photo: Guilherme Marconi

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