A different perspective on Landscapes

As expressed by Dan ColvinLandscapes represent an expression and a striving for the Ideal”

Have you ever seen a landscape and been struck by “awe?” Some landscapes especially in photography make you wonder at just how small we are in this beautiful world. Artists sometimes use landscapes to reflect the ideal , or to try to interpret humanity as it should be. In landscapes like these , there is no question as to our understanding what the artist is trying to tell us.

Art is about trying to express something, a dream, a thought, an illusion, and artists try to do this through paint, photography, illustration, street art, or any creative means. They want to express their feelings, perceptions, and leave a part of themselves through their work. Thanks to tools that are available today through the computer, artists are more able to create what comes to them in their dreams, their imagination, or in their ideas. Some use landscapes to do this, others use people and humanity, but whatever subject the artists prefers, it is much easier for the artist to express his ideas in these modern times than it ever was before.

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