A Dog Attack Inspires One Artist to Keep Working

Today many artists get their inspiration from life, from emotions and the emotional turmoil we go through on this road we all take.  As an example Artist Sandra Schimmel never could relate to her artwork as much as she can today. She creates portraits of famous people and sometimes not so famous people using a method called acrylic mosaic fusion, which was created by the artist herself when she was looking for a way to be environmentally kind and recycle. Then one day a freakish accident occurred which made her identify even more with her unique art style.

Her dog a Labrador attacked her, and bit her nose off. After several plastic surgery operations, her nose returned to normal, but she did not feel like it was the same. Similarly the faces she paints are put together.  She began to question who she was? Was she the person that people outwardly saw, or was she the inner being she knows herself to be? The point is her artwork has also begun to reflect these questions she asks of herself.

In her artwork she incorporates all kinds of materials from postcards, greeting cards to photographs and advertising in her portraits.

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