Educate Taste to Appreciate Art

Vincent Van Gogh - Portrait of an old PeasantAlthough art is measured by the above elements, it also depends on societies and an individual’s taste. Many times appreciation of something takes time and being exposed to the element. After all, you did not immediately like the taste of wine, classical music, or certain liquors, you acquired the taste, and the same goes with art. So in art a movement or an artist that you might not have liked, with the knowledge of the art elements, you might now be able to understand what he was doing and then over a period of time you might find that you begin to like his work.

Not everything is Likeable

Even the most famous artist had his difficult period. Every one of this artist has a time when they worked in areas where they were not proficient.

As you continue to look at work and when you begin to see the whole body of an artists work, your eye for art will begin to develop, and you will soon be able to distinguish what the good works are, which are the lesser works of a certain period and which works of art are extraordinary.

Soon you will realize that many of the works of art that you did not like in the beginning, were actually “really bad” and you were right in disliking it, but now you will know why you disliked the piece.

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