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Expressionism - Max Beckmann\'s Self Portrait with horn

Considered by many to be one of the strongest art forms due to its emotionally gripping depictions, Expressionism is a mainly 20th Century form of expression.  Painting is used within this art form in a manner of distorting reality to produce a strong emotional effect.    Some of the hallmarks of an expressionist style are the use of intense, vivid colors, disjointed use of space, and very agitated brush strokes.  These are employed to help the artist show the subjective emotions and responses that the artist feels about a particular reality, and to hopefully trigger some in the person looking at the painting.

The Expressionist style was born in the early 1900s and, to a degree, can still be discovered being practiced today.  It had some of its earliest roots in Germany around 1910, being first termed as “Expressionism” by Herwald Walden in 1912.  The famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was a great enabler of Expressionism by pointing out elements in art forms in the past and allowing the Expressionist artists to embrace some of the more elusive elements by defining them.

Some of the most well known Expressionist artists can still be found with great popularity today.  Edvard Munch, the artist of the famous “The Scream” painting is one of the most popular, along with such names as Max Beckmann and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.  Expressionism is an art form which allows many people to feel the deep connections that art brings and all are encouraged to explore it more deeply.

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