Fantasy Art

He Man -vs- Skeletor by Boris VallejoFantasy art is an emerging art form that has its roots in art history. By definition it takes the magical and fantastic and creates an image that comes purely from the human imagination. Also fantasy can be attached to myth and arch type as in Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology. Surrealism contributed greatly to the development of popular Fantasy art.

Frequently this genre is lumped together with Science Fiction and Horror and in fact there might be elements of both in Fantasy, but Sci-Fi and Horror are related to themes that could actually happen, Fantasy is that which is impossible made visually possible. Fairies, Mermaids, Dragons, Wizards, and Witches are the stuff Fantasy is made of.

The name “Fantasy art” is to in no way imply that this style is primitive or crude in any way. This is the unbelievable brought to image in complete photo like clarity paying close attention to the last detail. Fantasy Artists are very skilled in their work and the images are so provocative that it has given recent rise to this style.

When discussing Fantasy art, it is important to mention that the growth of Paganism as well as the Gothic sub-culture has contributed to a surge of growth in this style of art in the last 10 years. Pagans are fans of the fey and they purchase this art in great numbers.

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