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Artists have many more tools and subjects they can use in their art, than they ever did before. Since the age of technology came upon us, art and what artists paint and the tools artists use in their work has greatly changed. Today most artists use a combination of computer technology, digital photography equipment and other types of electronic equipment to help them acquire the basis they need to start their creative work. This new equipment means that some of the new artists are looking at subject matter that previous artists would never have thought of. They use streets, night scenes, traffic life and city life to inspire them in their creativity.

Younger artists use cars and motorcycles, different light settings, etc and represent these images onto their digital cameras to later use as reference for their oil, acrylic and even abstract and mixed media work.

A great example of an artist who does this type of work is Simon Collins. Artists even as far back as the 1930’s and 40’s would not, and could not use such subjects for creative inspiration, there just wasn’t the technology available to do it.

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