Folk Romantic Art

Wendy Ryan - Romantic Folk ArtSpring tends to bring out the romance in most people and maybe even more so in many artists, especially if the artist loves to paint romance. For instance, let’s take some of the paintings from Wendy Ryan. Folk art is best known as the art of the people, and most people that work in Folk Art have no real artistic training, although all that is changing, and trained artists seem to also be taking up this style. The style is best known for its bright colors, simplistic forms, and little or no composition rules.

Wendy Ryans’ work is whimsical and beautiful, although I don’t really know if this would be considered Folk art, since the definition of folk art, is art with no serious training, where the colors have little shading, or whites and blacks added to them. I think this is a combination of both, Folk art and Romantic art, but even so her work truly brings out the emotions, and makes you think of romance. They may even take on certain Latin modern styles.

Today it is really difficult to classify art as any one style, its more about using a combination to express your passion and your love.

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