Freud and Art

Freud-artSigmund Freud is perhaps one of the most famous thinkers of the 20th Century.  He made huge strides both in psychology and philosophy, birthing what became the psychoanalytic movement.  He made some groundbreaking and controversial ideas regarding the subconscious and the desires that it can communicate through dreams, psychoanalytic discussions, and the repression that goes along with this.  Freud explored a number of ways in which people could tap into this subconscious and start to explore the issues bothering them.  Art was one of the strongest ways in which this was possible.

Freud had a long lasting interest in art, feeling that the insights, which an artist could find within their art, were fully equal and sometimes even superior to what a scientific approach could discover.  The untapped potential available to the artist allows one to immediately tap into the subconscious when making the art, proving that it can be incredibly therapeutic and informative.  Additionally, Freud was often jealous of the way that an artist could access those subconscious ideas almost instantaneously while someone approaching it through a scientific, psychoanalytic method could take many, many hours to even scratch the surface of these feelings.

The psychoanalysis approach that he helped to create was often referred to as a work of art by many of its admirers, although Freud himself would often dismiss these claims.  He felt that true art was something, which used the unconscious itself, where as psychoanalysis, was something that tried to access that subconscious.  His high regard for art, however, is something, which shines through in his writings.

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