German Expressionism


Perhaps being the birthplace of the more expansive Expressionist art movement, Germany was the early parent to a type of art form which placed a higher emphasis on the emotions and philosophical implications behind a work of art than on the reality it was trying to recreate.  Germany played a large role in the early 20th Century in challenging the academic traditions which had been put forth regarding art.  Expressionist movement and German Expressionists especially were heavily interested in producing art which expressed communication through a use of intense emotion.  Bold colors and two-dimensional distorted forms are a general trademark of Expressionist work which was born in Germany.

Franz Marc was one of the leading German Expressionist artists.  His work would often display animals in natural settings but through his use of bright primary colors and outstanding simplicity, his work would often produce a strong sense of emotion which German Expressionism is known for.  Erich Heckel was another strong example of a German Expressionist, one who sought to build a bridge between the traditional neo-romantic German art and the new German Expressionist works.  He, along with artists Fritz Bleyl, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, formed the group Die Brucke, helping to provide a major impact on the world of art and helping Expressionism to take its roots around the world.

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