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Green Graffiti Edina Tokodi - Ecological GraffitiGraffiti is everywhere. It can be found in every city, in every part of the world. It’s seen as obscenities, as tags, as signatures or even great works of art. But now many of these street artists have taken green on. They express the idea of going green in their art work.

A street artist Edina Tokodi is going green in Brooklyn. She has animals made of moss growing all over the sides of buildings. Her work is meant to show people that pass by about the world being a more environmentally friendly place. Her idea is to connect city livers with nature. She uses moss in her art work because of its strength and ability to grow under harsh conditions. She finds that sometimes she has to repair her work a little.

Other artists are also going green, but doing what they call reverse graffiti, A process where they find dirty public surfaces and clean it up and then place their artwork on it. Some reverse graffiti artists receive some flack from the cities where they live and are still fined and asked to unclean or paint over the wall they just livened up.

First read about it at: Inhabitat

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