Hanging your paintings

Hanging PaintingsMany people who are unfamiliar with decorating may find great paintings and not know how to hang them. You may want to just grab some nails and hang the painting just so you can clear them off the floor. If you are decorating, you will know that it is very important to hang your paintings properly and in good places on the walls. If you are hanging a group of paintings you will want to make one central painting and stagger the rest. If the paintings are in different sizes or have a heavy frame it is a good idea to hang them diagonally. To hang paintings most people are buying a laser level, and follow the line that is marked for you.

When you decide on how to group your paintings look for spots in the room that are at eye level, most people enjoy art they can see. Then you may want to use a stud finder to find a place to hang your picture where the stud will anchor it. If you don’t have studs use anchors. If you want to hang a painting and are interested in how to hang them so they help the flow of the room and maintain your individuality.

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