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Illustration of Small Objects in Same Hues

Do you like a lot of things? You may even be worried because you tend to like a lot of different art styles and cant focus on just one style, but this is normal. There are even many artists that like many different objects and styles and have started combining them in interesting ways.

A great example are the illustrations by Andrea Joseph. In her work, she displays her love of small things, like tickets, buttons, certain things made of a certain color. She combines this love into her illustrations. Although these illustrations may seem to be without any definite composition, the composition of these pieces is very well thought out, and you can tell by the way your eye travels through the illustration. If you look at her pieces for a moment, you will notice that certain tickets or parts of paper stand out above others, this is what makes the composition of her illustrations work. The colors she chooses are also unique, because they tend to be all in the same hue, just in different shades, which only an extremely talented artist can do.

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