Impressionist Art

Impression Soleil Levant - Claude Monet, 1873Impressionism was an art movement that began in the 19th century and had its roots in Paris. It began as a collective movement when artists began to show their art publicly during the mid 1800’s. The name came from the title of an Impressionistic painting done by Claude Monet called Impression Sunrise or (Impression Soleil levant).

The impressionist painters were the outcasts of the time. In the beginning the movement did not go over well and was strongly criticized by traditionalists. Most of their paintings were rejected by the Academie for a very long time.

Impressionist painting is known for its strong brushstrokes, different lighting techniques, and ordinary subjects. The movement focused on the unusual side of the ordinary by painting ordinary scenes from different angles.

These painters took painting to the next level, by taking their painting to the scenes instead of bringing the scenes into the studio. These impressionists painted their still lifes and their portraits in natural outdoor settings. Before this time even landscapes had been painted indoors. The style emphasizes life and the effect of life and does not go into the details of the painting, which was quite a contrast from the preferred neoclassical, and classical painting of the time.

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