Best Impressionist Artist: Claude Monet

Self Portrait - Claude MonetClaude Monet is the most known painter of the French impressionism era. When most people think of Impressionism they think of Monet. In fact the term for the Impressionism movement came from one of Monet’s paintings “Impression Sunrise.” He is well known for his rapid brush strokes and his study of light through color. The term was actually used in a derogatory way when his work was first viewed. It took Monet and others like him over twenty years to find acceptance in the world of art.

He was the first to develop the technique of “plein air” painting, where the artists goes to the scene and paints landscape on sight.

Among his most known works are the series of paintings he did known as the water lilies. These were done later in his life and at a time when he was a true master of the impressionist style. As his style and work progressed, he also grew to love the art of gardening and his work reflects this love. His works like the “water lilies” reflect this love of gardening.

Even today many artists love and admire Monet’s work and use techniques he set fort with the use of light and color in their modern day works.

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