Inspiration from Animals – Back to Our Origins

Ashes and Snow by the renowned Canadian photographer, Gregory Colbert. This audiovisual is a moving museum with 50 astounding photographs a 60 minute film and two short films, that once you begin watching you will be taken on a magical journey through humanity and animal life. You will live this show with an intense wonder at the magic of life in all its forms. The exhibit opened in 2002 in Venice and has been traveling all around the world receiving public acclaim wherever it goes. It has traveled throughout Europe, United States and North America. It reverberates with the strength of nature, and the perfection of creation. We are reminded of the thin thread that divides mankind and animals.

Among some of the titles of the works are “Dreaming amongst lions” and “Learning from the Falcons” The images are truly unbelievable and unique, and if the exhibit is near you, this is one of those “once in a lifetime” exhibits. The book of Ashes and Snow is also on the market, if you never got to see the exhibit and well worth reading.

Ashes and Snow brings us back to our “Origins,” when we were one with the animals. If we learn to observe our surroundings, listen to others in our surroundings we will be able to coexist with the elements as we were once able to do. Our essence would be reborn, and we could rejoice with nature and obtain eternal harmony.

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