Inspiration from Cemeteries

Todays modern artists draw their inspiration from many different places, including some that we probably never would have thought of, and maybe the artist himself may not have even thought of it. One artist I came into contact with recently said she had been drawing cemetery stones.

On further research I found that this is not the only person that is drawn to cemetery stones, in fact there seem to be a few artists and photographers that have an interest in cemetery stones. Some became interested in cemeteries because of a tragedy that affected them, a loved one passing away. Others just took an interest in the interesting statuaries in some of the cemeteries, especially older cemeteries in France, and Italy. These artists don’t see the painting or photography of tombstones as morbid, but they see it as a part of life. After all death is also a part of life. These artists and photographers may be curious about death and about the way we leave it. These artists see these headstones and statues as invincible, solitary, standing against time.

Photo Courtesy of Aliwenco
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