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Oliver Wendell Holmes was a physician, writer and poet in the 19th century. Dr. Holmes wrote Old Ironsides, a poem which caused the USS Constitution warship to be saved from the scrap heap and turned into a monument. He wrote medical articles and published essays and hymns, as well.

Dr. Holmes once wrote,

“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.”

The kind of moments of which he speaks are very real but also very rare. Rare not because they do not come very often but rare because we do not slow down in our hurried lives enough to listen to and hear them.

Sometimes the moment’s insight will come through a story being told by a friend; sometimes it comes in the stillness of night; sometimes it comes because the day dawned bright and sunny after what seemed an eternity of dim and dreary days.

The often repeated phrase, “Out of the mouths of babes,” can bring many moments of insights if we are listening to the words of those children and infants. If we want to hear or see or feel the insights, we must take the time to hear, see, or feel. Those insights can help us avoid a lifetime of sorrow or they can provide a lifetime worth of peace in just a few minutes. It is all in how we perceive them.

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