Italian Renaissance Artists

Italy is widely considered to be the birthplace of the Renaissance.  This time period, which opened the eyes of the world to all of the wonders that science could provide and the beauty of not only the natural world, but of Ancient Greece and Rome as well.  The Renaissance is the time period between the Middle Ages and Modern Europe, allowing culture to take root and the beginnings of technology to flourish.  The art especially began to see new developments, with heavy emphasis being placed on showing things in a natural manner.  More attention was paid to light and shadow, contrasting shapes, and especially to human anatomy.

Some of the greatest artists of all time were from the Italian Renaissance, including both Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo.  Their paintings and sculptures have stood the test of time and are considered by many critics today to be the best examples of beauty available in art.  Raphael also made lasting artistic contributions, as his School of Athens is considered to be one of the strongest examples of High Renaissance art, along with Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Ceiling.  The Italian Renaissance started before the Renaissance spread to the rest of Europe and it produced some of the strongest and most talented artists that the world has ever known.  If one was looking for an example of beautiful art, the Italian Renaissance period would be sure to deliver.

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